We succeeed only when we meet and exceed the expectations of customers. We have a passion for excellence and endeavour to set and deliver the highest standards of service, value, integrity and fairness. We celebrate the diversity and power of our people, ideas and cultures. We respect the environment and enrich the communities in which we do business. We feel a sense of responsibility to lead by examples of innovations, enthusiasm and loyalty to our customers.


We envision to transform Nairobi City transportation, become the benchmar for the future of transportation in Kenya, provide a premium quality city transport network that is accessible and available to all customers, and lead in providing value enhancement services.


We focused to maintain a structured management keen on profitability and growth. We have set systems for operations and engineering to ensure maximum efficiency, develop a staff that is motivated and disciplined. We have invested in training transport management, developing and keeping boradening our route network. We are also focussed in achieving high revenue integrity, purchasing fuel and spare parts at the best prices, being a safe and reliable choice for hires and transfers, and working with city partners to create an enabling environment for the business to flourish.


The personnel policies of City Hopper are established by the Board of Directors, which has delegated authority and responsibility for their administration to the Designated Manager. The Designated Manager may, in turn, delegate authority for administering specific policies.

The highest standards of personal and professional ethics and behaviour are expected of all City Hopper emloyees. Regardless of designation, all must treat other with respect and decorum.

Our Corporate Values

Differentiation is the brand DNA that reflects the true integrity of the brand.

Our values are as follows:

Background Information

Citiy Hopper is a Limited Company. It owns the Citi Hoppa and the Citi Hoppa Next brand names which are duly registered. Citi Hoppa started operations in March 23rd 2004, with four buses. It grew exponentially in the next two years with a focus on larger capacity buses and consistent superior service. It boasts of fleet of over 250 buses serving commuters within Nairobi City County and its environs.

The New Citi Hoppa Next is a new modern bus that has been installed GPRS that enables the team to track the movements of the vehicle. It is comfortable and offer premium services especially to clients who are travelling to and from the airport.

The company has come this far through collective responsibility, dedication and hard work.

Governance Structure

City Hopper has a board of directors under who are the accounts, engineering, operations, insurance and claims, and the training departments. Operations department is headed by the Designated Manager, Finance by the Chief Accountant, Insurance and claims by the Claims Manager, and Engineering by the Engineering Manager. The operations department encompasses Operations assistants, Radio Control section, Route Marshals, Inspectors, Route controllers, Dispatchers and the Crew. Under the Chief Accountant are the accountants and cashiers where as in Engineering department are the team leaders, Mechanics, cleaners. Below is a graphically illustrated organizational strucuture:

Our Fleet

City Hopper Limited offers customer services on diverse routes within the environs of Nairobi. Customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations is long-term goal entrenched in the vision to offer quality service. The route network continues to grow with time. Recently, City Hopper Limited acquired new routes that the new CITI HOPPA NEXT is operating.

Route Number Route
No. 7C CBD (Kencom) -GPO-Community – Upper Hill –Kenyatta National Hospital
No. 40 CBD (Kencom) – GPO – Community – M.T.C – Mbagathi Way – M.D.H -Ngumo – Line Saba.
No. 46 CBD (Kencom) – Valley Road – Nairobi Hospital - Hurling ham – Yaya Centre - Valley Arcade – Kawangware.
No. 32C CBD (Kencom) – Community – M.T.C – Ngong Road – Nakumatt Prestige-Mugo Kibiru Road – Kibera Olympic – Ayany – Jamhuri.
No. 4C CBD (Kencom) – Ngong Road – Adams Arcade Dagoretti Corner – Naivasha Road – Riruta Satellite.
No. 4W CBD (Kencom) – Ngong Road – Adams Arcade - Dagoretti Corner – Naivasha Road – Riruta Satellite.
No. 24 Hardy. ​ CBD (Ambassador) – Uhuru Highway – Nairobi West – Langata Road -Langata South Road – Bogani Road – Karen Road – Langata Road -Karen shops – Ngong Road – M.T.C – Community – GPO – Ambassador.
No. 24 Karen. ​ CBD (Studio 1) – GPO – Ngong Road – Karen shops - Langata Road– Bomas – Nairobi west - Uhuru Highway – CBD (Studio 1)
No. 4C CBD (Kencom) – Ngong Road – Adams Arcade - Dagoretti Corner – Naivasha Road – Wanyee Road – Kinyanjui Road – Riruta Satellite.
No. 58 Ambassador-Muthurua – City Stadium – Jogoo Road – Buruburu
No. 34A Ambassador – Muthurua – City Stadium – Jogoo Road – Donholm -Avenue Park – North Airport Road – Mombasa road - J.K.I.A
No. 34B Ambassador – Uhuru Highway - Mombasa Road – J.K.I.A - North Airport -Road - Avenue Park – Donholm – Jogoo Road – Muthurua - Ambassador
No. 60 Tusker – Muthurua – Jogoo Road – Donholm – Mutindwa – Umoja – Inner Core
No. 5 CBD (Kencom) - GPO – Valley Road – Ngong Road – Adams Arcade -Posta – Jamhuri.
No. 42 Allsopps-Kariobangi Round About –Donholm-Pipeline-Cabanas-JKIA -SGR